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Founded in 1969, RECP is the largest, most successful real estate school in Indiana. RECP offers Salesperson and Broker Prelicensing courses along with basic and advanced level continuing education courses on timely topics. More than 90 percent of our students are referred to RECP by former students who have personally experienced "RECP Quality." RECP also prepares students to enter appraisal, property inspection and other areas of the real estate industry.

RECP is the only Indiana real estate school nationally accredited by the Council on Certification and Accreditation (COCA).

The RECP Approach to Education

Of all the real estate schools from which you can choose, RECP goes beyond merely filling seats and course hours. If you've given up on the idea that education can be interesting and stimulating, you're in for a very pleasant surprise.

RECP takes pride in presenting the best instructors and using the best course materials in the business. In short, we have all the tools you need to become a success. As we all know, no one is ever a success by settling for second best!


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